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Sipping Dom Pérignon Through A Straw

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781399803816

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ON SALE: 3rd August 2023

Genre: Biography & True Stories / Memoirs

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An inspirational and truly intersectional memoir from global humanitarian and social justice advocate Eddie Ndopu-a queer, Black wheelchair user and one of the UN Secretary-General’s 17 Advocates for the SDGs.

There are many more examples throughout my life where, if I had listened to people who told me to be comfortable with merely existing, I would now be a shrunken version of myself. I would not have emerged as one of Amnesty International’s most influential campaigners straight out of college. I would not have gone on to graduate from Oxford. I would not have been appointed as a United Nations SDG Advocate. I would be eating mashed-up vegetables instead of drinking Dom Pérignon through a straw.

Eddie Ndopu was born in 1990 with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a rare degenerative motor-neuron disease, and told that he wouldn’t live beyond age five. Now, thirty-one years old and stronger than ever, he continues to celebrate each turn around the sun as an existential defiance of the odds.

Having fought his way through South Africa’s archaic and ableist school system, Eddie became the first-ever disabled African to be given a full scholarship to Oxford University. Gay, Black and a wheelchair user, he is now an eminent thought-leader and holds positions at two of the most important organizations on the planet: the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

From flirting with diplomats on dancefloors to wearing lipstick to board meetings, Eddie has spent his life challenging the bias of those who occupy the highest echelons of power and prestige. Through redefining the boundaries of identity and ability, Sipping Dom Pérignon Through a Straw is Eddie’s odds-obliterating story that illustrates what true leadership can look like and reminds us to never forget that you are bigger and more expansive than the space you currently occupy.

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Sipping Dom Perignon Through a Straw is essential reading for anyone who's ever wondered how they can do right and do better by disabled people. Eddie has provided a template for allyship while remaining uncompromising in his self-worth. He is a masterful writer poised for even more great success
As an author, Eddie brings us into his reality - one filled fun and love yet oversaturated with barriers and challenges. Nestled in these expressive pages is a crucial lesson on the importance of humanity, the need for radical, comprehensive person-first care
With unflinching honesty and vulnerability, Ndopu's jaw-dropping story serves as a clarion call for a more inclusive and compassionate world. Prepare to be moved, enlightened, and profoundly touched by the extraordinary life and wisdom of Eddie Ndopu