‘Brought together in a book, Doodlemum’s drawings will resonate with anyone who has a family, or remembers being a child. The timelessness of many scenes show how, for all our anxieties about technology and the future, family life still consists of what it always has: pets, jokes and put-upon husbands’   Guardian

Doodlemum: A Year of Family Life stars Doodlemum’s family (but really every family!), as seen through her sketchbook drawings. Some of these have been featured in the Doodlemum blog, but many are new drawings done especially and exclusively for the book. From concerts and pancakes to pile on’s, woolly hats to sun cream, this is  family life right down to the last odd sock.

Doodlemum in the press:  Daily Mail and the Guardian


Angie Stevens is the creator of the popular illustrated blog, doodlemum.com.

Her enthusiasm for drawing developed in childhood and she went on to study Illustration at the University of Westminster. After this, as she says, came ‘the tsunami of children and marriage’ but her passion for drawing never left her. Two years ago, she started an illustrated blog documenting her busy family life through her daily sketchbook drawings. Her witty and heart-warming insight into family life continues to draw a great number of  UK and international followers and has attracted media attention both in the UK and in the US.

Angie currently lives in Swansea with her own personal zoo of three children, (Millie, Evie and Gruff), her husband Myles, Bonnie the dog, Arnie the cat, and seven chickens, who have all featured in her work.

A ridiculously biased (yet still to be trusted) note from the publisher:

“Doodlemum is adorable, I want her to be my mum.  Her fabulous warm and cosy  illustrations of typical family situations have all the feel of a classic.  Think Shirley Hughes meets Posy Simmonds.  Recognise those early morning panics as you rush the kids off to school, buy them school shoes they don’t want, watch them destroy a tidy room in seconds..? Recognise the joy of snuggling up on the sofa watching your favourite family movie for the umpteenth time?  Yes you do, for Doodlemum’s house is everyone’s – it’s a year of what’s behind the front door.  Despite the fact she does not solve the cosmic riddle of what happens to odd socks this remains a perfect gift for anyone even remotely connected with family life.”  — Lisa Highton, publisher, mother and sock loser

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