“This book is great because it covers everything in existence apart from the 95% of stuff not worth bothering with” Philomena Cunk

 Philomena Cunk   

In the olden days, people used to learn about things from encyclopedias.

And that was really good, because you could read it, and learn it, then you could stop worrying about thinking. But now, with the internet and more people and science and research, there’s just too much knowledge – more every year – and it’s overwhelming.

So, after years of asking the big questions – like ‘what did people do before evolution?’ and ‘what is clocks?’ – intrepid reporter and visionary philosopher Philomena Cunk is bringing the encyclopedia back with this DEFINITIVE guide to everything you will ever need to know about, from Shakespeare to sausages, from evolutionary psychology to Brush Strokes.




Philomena Cunk is a journalist and thinker who has presented TV shows on everything from time and feminism to Shakespeare and Jesus. She asks the big questions other journalists are afraid to, like ‘what is clocks?’ and ‘why do we cry when it’s the onions getting hurt?’

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