How to Survive the End of the World (when it’s in your own head)
an anxiety survival guide

Aaron Gillies

                                                                                                                                      How to Survive the End of the World (When it's in Your Own Head) How to Survive PB

There are plenty of books out there on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, all-out nuclear war, or Armageddon.

But what happens when it feels like the world is ending every single time you wake up? That’s what having anxiety is like – and How to Survive the End of the World is here to help. Or at least make you feel like you’re not so alone.

From helping readers identify the enemy, to safeguarding the vulnerable areas of their lives, Aaron Gillies will examine the impact of anxiety, and give readers some tools to fight back – whether with medication, therapy, CBT, coping techniques, or simply with a dark sense of humour.

‘Fast-paced, amusing and insightful’ Guardian

‘Laugh-out-loud funny. He manages to harness the ludicrous, the awkward, and the downright bizarre things he’s done because of mental health issues, and turn them into hilarious anecdotes.’ Independent

‘A brilliant and funny read for the apocalyptically-minded’ Matt Haig

‘In a sea of books about mental health, it stands out for its humour, wisdom and lightness of touch’ Adam Kay

Listen to an extract from How to Survive the End of the World – read by Aaron – here:

AARON GILLIES, aka @TechnicallyRon, is a comedian and writer. He has been featured in and written for The PokeBuzzfeed, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, amongst many others, and has produced viral content from ‘Reasons my wife is crying‘ to ‘a short guide to washing machine symbols’ and ‘a google autocompleted CV‘. Aaron has written about mental health for many years in various publications.



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