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A page turning historical novel set in Stockholm’s Golden Age of the late 18th Century.

‘a swirling, swooping fanfare of a tale’  Guardian

Emil Larsson, young man about The Town, wanted that Golden Age to last forever…_Stockhom Octavo, Karen Engelmann

Its finale would be unforgettable, but most everyone missed the beginning of the end. This was not so surprising; people expected violence served up with a revolution – America, Holland and France being freshly carved examples. But that February night when our own quiet revolution began, The Town was calm, the streets nearly deserted, and I was playing cards at Mrs Sparrow’s…

Emil Larsson is a drinker, card player and contented bachelor until he is told that his position at the Office of Excise and Customs depends on his settling down and finding a wife. Mrs Sparrow, proprietor of an exclusive gaming house, fortune teller (and confidante of King Gustav III) offers to lay an Octavo for him – a form of cartomancy which can divine his future if he can find the eight individuals who can help him realise his vision.

Stockholm Octavo card, Karen Engelmann When Mrs Sparrow wins a mysterious fan in her card game, the Octavo’s deeper powers are revealed. No longer just a game of the heart, collecting his Eight is now crucial to pulling his country back from the brink of rebellion and chaos.

“As delicious as dark chocolate, The Stockholm Octavo is the essence of witty intelligence.  Readers will delight in staying up half the night enchanted by every element in this Swedish weave, from the brutal winter weather to the unfurling of a lady’s fan. The plot is an urgent one, and the characters mysterious, appealing, and memorable. Not only a romp, the wisdom of The Stockholm Octavo engages the reader’s attention and inspires the desire for personal growth and connection with our fellow travelers. I felt a real kinship with author Karen Engelmann.”

Sena Jeter Naslund, New York Times bestselling author of Ahab’s Wife


Karen Engelmann

The Stockholm Octavo, Karen Engelmann

Karen Engelmann was born and raised in the American Midwest, then moved to Sweden after completing university studies in drawing and design. The city of Malmö was home base for eight years, but she now lives just north of New York City with her husband and two daughters. The Stockholm Octavo is her first novel.

Find out more about the world of the Octavo online:




15 responses to “THE STOCKHOLM OCTAVO – Karen Engelmann”

  1. Karen Engelmann says:

    I am so excited that Two Roads is bringing The Stockholm Octavo to UK readers, and hope to connect to you in 2012 about the book. In the meantime, on a more practical note: Stockholm has become almost mythical to me after being immersed in the 18th century for so long. Any of you have 21st century recommendations? I am planning to visit in May and a girl has to eat, you know.

    • Cristina Hernández Johansson says:

      Dear Karen,

      I have the luck of being your Spanish editor. I enjoyed Stockholm Octavo so much! My mother is Swedish so I know Stockholm preatty well. I do have a long list of recommendations but they are in Spanish. Can you read it a bit? If so, I could send them to you, Also, have you seen the Swedish Tv series set in Stockholm 1791? If not, you can watch them via SVT Play. All best, Cristina

  2. Karen Engelmann says:

    Hej Cristina! How great to connect here on Two Roads! Please do send me your list in Spanish — what I cannot figure out I can get help with. (Annars går det bra på Svenska.) Will check out the TV series at once! Happy New Year! Karen

  3. Michael says:

    Have just ordered my copy. Looking forward to it Karen. Good luck with your launch this year. Regards, Michael

  4. Karen Engelmann says:

    Wonderful! Thanks, Michael.
    PS — ANNO 1791, the Swedish TV series, will be out on DVD in late February (in Swedish, but not subtitled, unfortunately.)

    • Lisa says:

      Heard about that one…will see what I can find out about a subtitled edition. Everyone is Scandinavian TV mad lately so it stands a chance of finding its way to air. In the meantime, as you speak perfect Swedish, we can ask you questions! Lisa

  5. Elif says:

    Dear Karen, heard about your book. is your book gonna be published also in Turkish?

    good luck. regards, elif.

    • Karen Engelmann says:

      Would love for the book to be published in Turkish. I was in Istanbul last summer and planning to go again this year — perhaps I will find the Eight that lead to a translation! Karen

  6. I’m the owner of a literary website in Turkey called

    One of my friends has read your book and told me that she loved it much. So I would like to ask you if it will be published in Turkish in the near future.

    Regards, Gülenay

    • Karen Engelmann says:

      Hi Gülenay. Cannot tell you when a Turkish translation might be coming, but your English language readers will be able to get the Two Roads edition coming this fall. I will work on getting an advance copy to you for review. Best regards, Karen

  7. Kathy Engelmann says:

    I actually have your manuscript, passed on to me from Ailleen. Looking forward to reading it! I have a few other books to finish up, next week for sure.

  8. Jeff says:

    Amazing read fun and intriguing historic, makes you look around your own life to see who your eight are?

  9. Hi Karen,
    I lived in Stockholm for two years and having come across your book, it excites me to think I will be going back there – especially to the late 18th century version of it!
    Great idea for a book -very intriguing!

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