Peter Hanington

‘Topical, authoritative and gripping’ Charles Cumming

‘Tight, pacy, and strong on atmosphere’ Michael Palin

‘Completely unputdownable’ Seb Emina

‘Compelling’ Mishal Hussain

‘If you love le Carré, were gripped by Homeland and couldn’t get your nose out of A Dying Breed .  . . here’s another thrilling read for you’ Dame Ann Leslie

‘Peter Hanington is entirely in command of this thrilling story and tells it with great verve’
Kirsty Wark

Veteran BBC reporter William Carver is back. This time, he’s in Cairo – bang in the middle of the Arab Spring. ‘The only story in the world’ according to his editor. But it isn’t – there’s another story, more significant and potentially more dangerous, and if no one else is willing to tell it . . . then Carver will, whatever the consequences.

William Carver spots the Arab Spring early, aided by one of the infamous ‘Listeners’ at the BBC monitoring station in Caversham. He and his producer Patrick chase the story across North Africa before arriving in Egypt where the battle between the corrupt old order and the new will be both bloody and potentially definitive.

Meanwhile, in Eritrea, two brothers begin to make their way up from the Horn of Africa and across the continent, desperate to find a better life in Europe. The horrors they endure at the hands of people traffickers and others along the way test their endurance and humanity to its limit. Over a few tumultuous months, these two stories come together to prove inextricably linked.

Carver knows this story is a complex one; the world is watching, but in the age of Facebook, Twitter and rolling news, its attention span is increasingly short. And if everyone is a reporter, then who can you believe?

Listen to an extract from the audiobook here.

Peter Hanington - Two Roads Books ((c) Paddy Scott)Peter Hanington is the author of A Dying Breed. He has worked as a journalist for over twenty-five years, including fourteen years at the Today Programme and more recently The World Tonight and Newshour on the BBC World Service.

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