A Dying Breed




‘What do you think’s going to happen?’


‘In Afghanistan. With the election. What do you think will happen?’

Dying. Dying is going to happen.’



‘Hanington excels … There are nods to John le Carré, but his impressive debut is its own thing’

The Sunday Times

‘Impressive… Hanington has true talent’ The Times

‘A tremendous novel’ William Boyd

‘Amazingly gripping’ Melvyn Bragg

‘Deeply insightful, humane, funny and furious’ A.L. Kennedy

An enthralling page-turner, and, as befits an author steeped in newsgathering, there’s a real sense of authority and authenticity in this quality thriller’  Michael Palin


Dateline: Kabul

When a bomb goes off killing a local official, William Carver, a veteran but unpredictable BBC hack, is warned off the story from every direction.   But his instincts tell him something isn’t right and he won’t give up until he finds the truth. Patrick, a junior producer, is sent out to control the wayward Carver, but as the story unravels it looks like powerful forces are colluding to ensure the real story never sees the light of day.

Set in a shadowy le-Carre-esque world, A Dying Breed is about  journalism in a time of war, about how hard it is to tell the stories that need to be told and how much easier it is not to.



‘Over the years several spy thriller authors have been awarded the ‘successor to John le Carré or Frederick Forsyth’ kind of title. I’m not sure they all live up to the plaudits, but for me, Peter Hanington is one who does; in fact he’s by far the closest and most exciting I’ve read yet. I haven’t enjoyed a thriller like this for a long, long time’ Shotsmag.co.uk

‘There are many books about journalism in time of war, but this is a notably vivid addition to the canon… There is the authentic vividness reminiscent of the work of such writers as Graham Greene and Eric Ambler – which is to say the book, despite its topicality, is old-fashioned in the very best sense of the word’ Crimetime.co.uk

A Dying Breed is a well written and compelling début thriller. Hanington is particularly good at painting his characters and is clearly mining his own experiences as a reporter in Afghanistan to make the book feel authentic’ Artofdanger.co.uk

‘I’m disappointed I am not to feature in the book: it is a brilliant read’ Evan Davis, Newsnight presenter 

‘I loved every minute in this book’s company’ Fi Glover, BBC Radio 4 presenter

‘A natural storyteller’ John Humphrys, Today presenter

‘Urgent, compelling, new bright light on the dark dilemmas of broadcast news’ Gillian Reynolds, Telegraph journalist and broadcaster

‘A deeply intelligent, beautifully constructed story’ Will Gompertz BBC Arts Editor

‘All journalists seem to think they can write great novels about journalism and 99% of those who try make a hash of it. Hanington is in the 1%’ Roy Greenslade, Guardian and Evening Standard columnist

‘A gripping, fast-moving tale of shifting loyalties and creeping betrayal’ Allan Little, former BBC foreign correspondent and chair of the Edinburgh International Book Festival

‘Delightfully assured and unputdownable’ Andrew Hosken author of Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State

‘A gripping story, taking the reader from the politics of the BBC newsroom to the politics of a complex and changing Afghanistan’ Mishal Husain, BBC broadcaster and Today presenter


Peter Hanington - Two Roads Books ((c) Paddy Scott)PETER HANINGTON is the author of A Dying Breed. He has worked as a journalist for over twenty-five years, including fourteen years at the Today Programme and more recently The World Tonight and Newshour on the BBC World Service. He lives in London with his wife and has two grown-up children.

peterhanington.co.uk   |   twitter.com/HaningtonPhan

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