The Vet: my wild and wonderful friends by Luke Gamble

Luke’s first book, My Wild & Wonderful Friends

The Vet the big wild world Luke Gamble

The Vet: the big wild world Just published in paperback!

When he was a small boy, Luke’s mother gave him a copy of a James Herriot book with the inscription: ‘One day you might write a book like this’ …

The Vet: the big wild world is TV vet Luke Gamble’s next collection of heart-warming tales of his life as a country vet. Luke cut his teeth as a mixed practice vet in the West Country.  Now it’s time to see if he can stand on his own two feet. Wild stallions, drowning cows and constipated snakes aside, Luke’s challenges have only just begun.   Some of these challenges include launching Pilgrims, his own practice, marrying the girl of his dreams, managing vet businesses and his international charity WVS.

On his extreme travels around the world, Luke dodges hippos and chimps and swaps the familiar farms of home for the refugee camps of Africa, all on his idealistic quest to make a difference.  Does he have what it takes to juggle it all?


Warm, funny and touching, Luke’s adventures inspire and entertain.



‘Luke Gamble is a West Country treasure…like Dr Dolittle, but real’

Martin Clunes

‘A gamut of emotions; laughter, serious weeping, but always enjoyable!’

Clarissa Dickson Wright 




‘Writing the books has been a complete joy – the stories were just bursting to come out.  Every day as a vet I’m learning new things, which is part of the great and enjoyable challenge of being a vet and making a difference.  All this is only possible of  course with a support network around me of fantastic colleagues and a wonderful family – I’m indebted to all of them for their support, faith and patience!

– Luke Gamble, on writing The Vet books



Read an extract of The Vet in the Daily Mail, here


‘Luke Gamble tells of the horror of the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak from a personal angle with the terrible consequences on the farmers he visits, challenging you to keep a dry eye.  But not content with the challenges of everyday vet work, he embarks on an epic 152-mile run across the Sahara to raise money for his charity and win the heart of his wife Cordelia.’

4**** BBC Countryfile Magazine


_For anyone who has even the slightest interest in animals, this book is a must read. Luke Gamble is the new James Herriott and Gerald Durrell.

What’s Good To Do (UK blog)

Click on the images below to read Luke Gamble’s interview in The Lady…The Dishy Dr Dolittle

Luke Gamble, The Vet, The LadyLuke Gamble, The Vet, The Lady








Luke Gamble with rescue dog in Egypt

About Luke:

Luke Gamble, vet, treating horse in Egypt

Luke treats a horse in Egypt

Luke Gamble graduated from Bristol University in 1999 as a vet and spent a year as Clinical Scholar in large animal medicine and surgery at Cambridge university.   Although primarily a mixed practice vet and based in his New Forest surgery, Pilgrims Veterinary Practice, his extracurricular work with the Worldwide Veterinary Service charity (which he founded in 2003) takes him much further afield and was the subject of two TV series on Sky 1. He also runs an emergency service for animals in Dorset and a pet travel company.

Luke is a black belt in karate, and in 2010 was awarded the JA Wight (James Herriot) Award by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association for outstanding contributions to the welfare of companion animals. Luke is married and lives in the New Forest with his two children, a ridgeback and a bossy rescue cat called Charlie.

To learn more about Luke, the WVS and his TV series on Sky, visit his website.



Lambing, March 2011

Luke Gamble, The Vet, sheep, lamb

Luke Gamble, The Vet, sheep, lamb

Luke Gamble, The Vet, sheep, lamb

19 responses to “THE VET – Luke Gamble”

  1. Dorothy Caulfield says:

    What a wonderful person. Must be more of them somewhere out there. Wonderful, passionate and honest

  2. ella csoka says:

    Luke, you are amazing and the work you do.

  3. Terry says:

    Thank you Luke for your great and Inspiring TV Show.When we lost Steve Irwin,I was profoundly saddened.It would take alot to replace that enthusiasim,But you have done that for me once again.I look forward to your many adventures continuing for many years to come..Thank you and keep up the great work.I can feel how much you love the animals!!

    Terry from Toronto Canada

    • marcy says:

      yes i love love annimals/wish there where more luke gamble in the world/he is a great guy

    • jane says:

      I so agree Terry – Steve Irwin was a great compassionate warrior for wildlife and had his own very special place. Luke brings the same compassionate and skilled approach to his work and leaves behind greater knowledge and understanding as well and long may he do it. This world needs heroes for animals and his expertise is invaluable.

  4. Bobbi says:

    Hi Luke:
    Thank you for your wonderful TV Show and the magnificent work you have done in the past and are currently doing for the animals that have come across your path! Yes, we sure can sense your love for all the different types you deal with. We are most fortunate you have come along at this time, helping all these different and unusual animals. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!! Bobbi

  5. Agatha Gosch says:

    Luke is a real heroe for us. He is also a great humane being, a wonderful person and simply the best vet.
    We do admire your commitment and courage to do all you have achieved!
    The world need more people like you!!
    Thanks for your help

  6. fred purchase says:

    Luke is such a wonderful caring human being, its a must to watch all your adventures, so passionate with all the animals , what a different world we would have if we had more like him, a great guy ! fred

  7. rodney says:

    Being of a certain age and having seen the “All Creatures Great & Small” series and read the books it is wonderful to see, and now read about a modern day equivalent. The book is a must for like minded readers and well presented. Well done Luke and all concerned in its publication. Can’t wait for the next edition.

  8. Colette. R says:

    Can’t wait for the next book next year!! 😀

  9. nnua says:

    The world could do with more people/vets like Luke Gamble! The idea to provide vet care to isolated areas of the world is fantastic – the animals benefit and it foster goodwill with the people too.

    Please carry on the good work!
    P.S/ the documentaries are fascinating, thank u ^-^

  10. Tracey says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Vet by Luke Gamble. The book was a breath of fresh air that had me laughing and crying. I eagerly await Lukes next book in 2012.

  11. Margaret, Australia says:

    I’ve just finished reading Luke’s book and have seen some of his tv show. What a wonderful person he is. Thank you Luke for all that you do for the animals, I too wish there were more of you! Can’t wait for the next book. Best wishes to you, your family and all your colleagues.

  12. Amanda Payne says:

    I love this series on Australian sbs tv. We are wild life rehab bears ourselves, caring for birds of prey in western Australia. I would love to have the money to go with luke, particularly on his African adventures. Maybe one of these days he will visit Australia, hopefully we will get to meet him and get him to admire at least a few of Australia’s birds of prey. Dreams can happen

  13. elena, italy says:

    I hope someday I’ll become a vet like Luke. I love animals and I’d really like to travel around the world to save them!

  14. milly uk says:

    have just finished reading my wild and wonderful friends with tears and laughter, what an engaging and informative novel, am so glad there are luke gambles in this world caring for our fellow creatures, can’t wait to read the big wide world and thank you to luke for all his wonderful charity work

  15. laura tan says:

    The world is much more wonderful with rare personalities like Dr Luke who help reduce the silent suffering of animals. I am inspired by him and really want to contribute to his charity.

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