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Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 12: FINAL DAY! – Feat. Ross Fraser, Two Roads’ marketing champion.

Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 12Reading at Christmas is a chore.

It’s not because I’m too busy drinking with good cheer, or because I’m watching It’s a Wonderful Life for the millionth time or even because I’ve fallen asleep surrounded by the crumbs of many a fallen mince pie. Deary me no…

The reason is because the choice of exactly what to read can be too daunting. How do I choose between my personal seasonal favourites like A Child’s Christmas in Wales or Ethel and Ernest, and the new ‘good’uns’ like The Fox and the Star or The Explorer’s Guild? It’s tricky…

My solution though is simple: read them all and consume excessive amounts of Turkey and festive Toblerone to keep going – it’s the only way through!


Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 11 – Feat. Gretchen Rubin, Two Roads author of international bestseller Better Than Before (find out more at http://bit.ly/betterthanbefore)

Gretchen Rubin (credit Elena Seibert) Two Roads BooksI run a monthly bookclub on my website gretchenrubin.com (you can sign up to the bookclub newsletter here) and here are my December recommendations:

An outstanding book about happiness, good habits, or human nature: Walden by Henry David Thoreau. I find Thoreau maddening; I also find myself quoting him constantly. Whether or not you agree with his ideas (and I often don’t), his work is relentlessly thought-provoking.

An outstanding children’s book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Don’t worry about whether you liked the movies, or even saw the movies, it doesn’t matter. This is a great book. If you like dystopia, and boy I sure do love dystopia.

An eccentric pick: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Well, maybe it’s not so eccentric, given that this book has been wildly popular for more than 150 years. I was just re-reading it, for the millionth time, because I was trying to figure out if Jane Eyre is a classic Questioner (read Better Than Before and you’ll see what I mean!) – and I remembered how much I love this novel!


Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 10 – Feat. Kate Miles, Editor and friend from our sister imprint Saltyard Books.

Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 10I always loved colouring in as a child and I’ve enjoyed reliving the joy and satisfaction of colouring since colouring books became all the rage this year.

Parisian Street Style is the perfect book for relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine while you watch some Christmas classics.

That is why I’m giving a copy to lots of my friends this Christmas: they’ll be able to unwind, switch off and the only challenge will be working out which colours to choose…


Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 9 – Feat.Two Roads author Ruth Hogan, whose début novel The Keeper of Lost Things will be published in early 2017.

Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 9I’m always dreaming of a white Christmas, but as the English climate rarely obliges, I’ll turn to The Snow Queen. This wonderful edition of Stories from Hans Christian Anderson has magical illustrations by Edmund Dulac and was given to my mum as a Christmas present in 1942. I remember it from my own childhood and I still love it today.

I’ll also be reading A Christmas Carol (again!): Charles Dickens’ prose is as rich and satisfying as a dollop of Christmas pudding and who can resist a ghost story at Christmas?

John Betjeman is my literary comfort blanket and I’ll be snuggling up with his poetry, lighting the log burner and drinking a Banana Blush cocktail. I think he would approve.

Finally, A Place Called Winter by Patrick Gale is a treat I’m saving for after Christmas, when the guests have gone, the house is peaceful and the sofa beckons.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 8 – Feat. Lyndsey Ng, one third of Two Roads’ formidable Publicity team.

Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 8We don’t really do the whole turkey, crackers and carol singing at Christmas in the Ng household, so this year we’ve chosen to have a vegetarian Christmas with recipes from Prashad at Home: Everyday Indian Cooking from our Vegetarian Kitchen by Kaushy Patel.

They’re easy to make recipes with everyday ingredients, so there’ll be no slaving over a hot stove or basting a turkey at 6am in the morning, just delicious, spicy food that’ll warm the soul as well as our kitchen.


Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 7 – Feat. Kirsty Wark, author of Two Roads’ classic The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle (find out more at http://bit.ly/kirstywark)

Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 7There’s nowhere quite like a bookshop in the run up to Christmas.

Enticing tables of best sellers, design books, and fabulous stationery – among my purchases: The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell for Caitlin, Cicero by Robert Harris for Alan, and for James the reissued play by Gregory Burke, Blackwatch.

But my local Waterstones is too damn tempting, so I had to buy for myself too! I chose The Witches, Salem 1692 by Stacy Schiff, and I shall also be dipping into Poems by Elizabeth Bishop.

I will light the fire, put on candles (from ANTA) and immerse myself for a stolen hour on Christmas Eve.


Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 4 – Feat. Two Roads’ Assistant Editor Federico Andornino

Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 4Christmas really is my favourite time of year: I put up the tree as soon as my flatmate will allow it, blast Christmas tunes on my way to work thanks to my fantastically diverse playlist (I’ve got everyone, from Darlene Love to Mariah Carey) and get happy with friends and mulled wine.

But the thing I love the most is spending a good amount of time looking for the perfect presents for friends and family. I am not a big fan of shopping for shopping’s sake: I believe buying a good gift for a loved one requires time and effort and a good dose of love.

It also requires a good bookshop: books are the absolute centre of my Christmas giving campaign. So here’s what I’ve been busy gift-wrapping over the past few weeks:

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, in the new, brilliant edition illustrated by Jim Kay. It’s completely stunning and manages to re-imagine the magic world of Harry Potter without relying on the films;
Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend, the first of four novels by the mysterious Italian literary star. If you haven’t read it already go out and buy it now;
Coralie Bickford-Smith’s The Fox and the Star, because it wouldn’t be Christmas without a gorgeous children’s book.

Buon Natale everyone!


Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 2 – Feat. Two Roads publisher Lisa Highton

The Penguin Book of the British Short Story edited by Phillip Hensher

Volume 1 from Daniel Defoe to John Buchan

Volume 2 from P G Wodehouse to Zadie Smith  


Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 2This is my Christmas present to me.  It comes with a gift tag which says:

I hereby give you permission to put your feet up and read other people’s books over the Christmas holidays, much love etc

I have a passion for short stories and have a huge collection. They’re so marvellously liberating, allowing you to dip in and out – they are the cocktail party of literature.

There’s a publishing myth that short stories don’t sell, which is probably utter nonsense (along with green books not selling – though that one may actually be true). Whatever, the truth is that they are one of the most enjoyable forms of reading.

This incredibly handsome and well curated collection is so tantalising it’s almost edible. It includes some favourites such as Muriel Spark’s Bang-Bang You’re Dead, the old masters such as Saki and Maugham, and some new discoveries for me such as Margaret Oliphant, who wrote prolifically all her life to support her family. I can’t wait.

Happy book break to everyone.



Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 1 – Feat. Guinevere Glasfurd, author of the forthcoming The Words In My Hand (find out more at http://bit.ly/thewordsinmyhand)

Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 1I was lucky to see Edna O’Brien in conversation twice this year – first, in early February, when she read from the final draft of her latest novel (still a sheaf of loose papers) and then again in November when those papers had become a book: her seventeenth novel, The Little Red Chairs.

The Little Red Chairs deals with the horror of the Bosnian war and brings that horror home – in this case to an unwitting, but in some ways complicit, village community in Ireland. Writing the novel, O’Brien said, was a way to confront the evil of the war, to face down the unrepentant swagger of the men who perpetrated it; to bear witness through language and literature.

Many of us remember the Bosnian war, the nightly reports on the news. It was awful, horrific, but we were largely safe from it. O’Brien’s novel breaks this down absolutely. There is no safe distance, she seems to be saying; the war is ours, it was then and is now. If we do not confront it, (or are simply complacent), then we are within reach and liable to its harm, to its consequences.

I saw The Little Red Chairs first as a bundle of papers and then as a book. As my first novel makes its way towards being published, I’m aware of the work needed to bring a book to print. I’m aware too of how hard it is, as a woman, to write, and how few women make a living as writers and sustain that over many years.

So, read The Little Red Chairs because it is a great work, and read it for it is: an astonishingly rare thing: a seventeenth novel – one woman’s writing life.


A tasty one for Day 8 of #Road2Christmas!

Time for another delicious Christmas recipe. Inspired by her passion for all things festive our colleague Becky, Editorial Assistant at John Murray, has created this pretty impressive chocolate Christmas tree.
Not the easiest of cakes, but well worth the effort!

Find a step-by-step guide here: heypesto.ie/tag/darina-allen/





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