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Main Street Trading Company Books, travelling editorEvery time I go to Scotland on the sleeper I’m a bit The Lady Vanishes and The Thirty Nine Steps about the train, always expecting something dramatic to happen (still living in hope…).

Driving down south from Edinburgh to St Boswells with Jack (our legendary Hodder man in Scotland) took us through the spectacular Scottish Borders to the very pretty village of St Boswells. It clearly does rain in Scotland but whenever I go it’s sunny and spectacular with added rainbows, the whole country looks like it’s prepped for a calendar shoot.

Main Street Trading Company Books, travelling editor

Roz multi-tasking, writing her newspaper report during the book group meeting

Main Street Trading Company Books, travelling editor

Mainstreet Book Group - class of October 2011


The Mainstreet Trading Company was our destination, a fabulous award-winning emporium which is clearly the go-to place on the village street. Beautifully renovated, it was packed with people and very very welcoming. Coffee, cake, books, gifts, events – everything one could want. Like all good bookshops it’s a place to linger and discover (and of course spend money, as I did). Ros DeLaHey and her husband Bill, who is responsible for the cafe, have created a buzzy book-centred community. Lovely to see and experience. continue reading »

Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen, Reese Witherspoon, Robert PattinsonGuest Blogger: Ian Williamson, our Hodder man in the Midlands

I can’t remember why I started to read Water for Elephants. I think I just liked the sound of it. It’s not the sort of thing I usually read. The story of an elderly man recalling the time he spent working on a circus train in mid-1930’s America wouldn’t have been the first thing I’d jump to read. But I did read it and as I read it and realised I didn’t just like it, I loved it, I knew that I’d have to tell everyone I knew to read it.

I went into bookshops

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and talked to the booksellers and told them about this amazing book I’d read. I gave them copies of it and said, just give it a go. See what you think. I went away with no expectations. Maybe a few people will like it. When I went back and started getting feedback from people, it was obvious that Water for Elephants was going to be something very special and really important.

I’m not going to tell you about the plot or the characters. What I’m going to tell you about is what I saw happen after my initial visits to the bookshops.

It started gradually. The people I had given copies to read it and told me how much they loved it. Then booksellers who I had never met came up to me and told me they were reading it and they loved it too. I haven’t found one person who has read Water for Elephants who hasn’t found it to be one of the best books they’ve read.

Then they started recommending it to customers. The book started to appear on Bookseller Recommends bays. The small card, fixed to the shelf underneath containing phrases like, ‘An incredibly poignant novel’, ‘an exquisite cast of characters’, ‘powerful and affecting’, ‘a novel that truly captures the strength of the human spirit in times of adversity’. Many books stay in the recommends section for a short time, then are replaced by other, newer titles. Not this one. Once it was there it refused to move, because customers were drawn in by the passion that booksellers had for it.

Water for Elephants quickly became a word-of-mouth success across the Cotswolds and the Midlands. It showed in the sales. Two of the shops I visit have sold over a hundred copies each. One has now sold over a hundred and seventy.

Now, almost three years after I first read it, people are still discovering it, loving it and telling other people about it. It might not look like your sort of thing, it’s not mine. But try it, or better still, go find someone who has read it and ask them about it. Listen to them talking about how much they enjoyed it, what they discovered from it and how it made them feel at the end. I bet you’ll want to experience what they felt. Then you’ll be out there telling people who haven’t read it how great it is. But hurry up, because the number of people who haven’t read it is getting smaller and when the film comes out it’ll be smaller still. So hurry up.

Water for Elephants is now available on DVD.

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