Our Independent Bookshop Tour continues with a visit to Hackney indie bookshop Pages of Hackney.

Ruby, part of the Two Roads publicity team, went to explore the shop:



Pages of Hackney is sandwiched between Spice & Grill and a newsagent on Lower Clapton Road, a busy street in North East London. It’s my local, a ten min stroll from my house and a great place for a bookstore; there are two lovely parks within walking distance or if you like beer with your books, the Windsor Castle, a good pub just across the road. I have spent many a day in all.

I popped in on a Saturday, and Manon recommended three books to me. It was a nice surprise to meet Manon, a fellow Antipodean also from Auckland. She used to work at Time Out Bookstore, which is a fantastic independent bookstore sitting under the shadow of a mountain in Mt Eden Village. So while we bonded over people we knew, and our experiences of living in London, I squeezed in a request for recommendations of books to buy. And I came away with some good ones:

THE GIRLS by Emma Cline – a book very recently published, and described by the Telegraph as a ‘trance-like portrait of the Manson family’. I am resisting reading this right now so I can save it for my holiday next month.

THE ARGONAUTS by Maggie Nelson – a genre-bending memoir, Nelson tells a love story and channels public intellectuals such as Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes.

10: 04 by Ben Lerner – the second novel by this author and recommended to me for its fractured narrative.

The shop has an intimate event space downstairs which also sells vinyl and second hand books and truly felt like someone’s living room (see pic of comfy couches). Their larger events are held down the road at Sutton House and it’s clear when you check out their events schedule that they have incredibly thoughtful programming (find out more here: http://pagesofhackney.co.uk/?page_id=165). There are many events which include local authors on topical themes as well as talks which showcase new releases.
By the time I left with a laden bag, Pages of Hackney was brimming with people of Hackney (and beyond) and I was squeezing between books and bodies to get out.

Find out more about Independent Bookshop Week here. And get in touch with Pages of Hackney directly to buy/order a book and support independent retailers: http://pagesofhackney.co.uk/?page_id=946

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney


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