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If there’s one thing that’s absolutely brilliant about our new offices on Victoria Embankment is that we are so close to the Southbank. So it seemed only fair that we go across the river for Day 3 of our IBW 2015 Indie Tour and say hi to the great people at the Southbank Centre branch of Foyles. Find out what Rosie – our Publicity Director – loved about this bookshop below:

You can almost – almost – wave to Foyles Southbank from Two Roads’ new home in Carmelite House and what better way to make an IBW book buying visit to our new neighbours than a summer night stroll along the Thames? After crossing Blackfriars Bridge and resisting the temptations of the Wahaca burrito truck, I arrived to find a busy Foyles on Belvedere Road.

Laid out on one floor and joining on to the busy Southbank Centre, it’s an airy space with a wide selection of titles, with bestsellers and new releases welcoming you at the door, and a large children’s section stretching across the shop. They hold launch parties here fairly regularly (no wonder, it’s a great spot for an evening drink, and you’re unlikely to find space anywhere else if the sun is out…) and have lots of signed copies, courtesy of the bookselling they do for the Southbank literature programme events.  Despite the fact that this is one of London’s busiest tourist hotspots, the very helpful staff tell me that they do have regulars, as well as the theatre goers and Southbank flaneurs.

I met manager Emily and her colleagues Nick and Kajra. When I asked them for recommendations, it was quickly clear they’re a brilliantly informed and enthusiastic team – Nick was able to tell me  more about the publication of THE VORHH by Brian Catling (a book from within the Hodder group) than I knew already! Interesting to hear that THE EXAMINED LIFE by Stephen Gross remains one of their bestsellers, over two years on from its original publication date – with Ali Smith’s HOW TO BE BOTH a more obvious recent popular title.

I came away with a copy of Theodore Zeldin’s LIFE (more for the unusual format than the content…) and THE VERSIONS OF US by Laura Barnett, another title that is currently doing well for them, and is headed for the beach with me. Given that the office is only a 15min walk away I intend to reclaim my lunch hour every now and then to cross the river more often…

Foyles Southbank - Two Roads IBW indie tour day 2

Foyles Southbank - Two Roads IBW indie tour day 2

Foyles Southbank - Two Roads IBW indie tour day 2

Foyles Southbank - Two Roads IBW indie tour day 2

Foyles Southbank - Two Roads IBW indie tour day 2

Come back tomorrow for our next stop and find out more about Independent Bookshop Week at indiebookshopweek.com.

Slightly Foxed - Two Roads IBW indie tour day 1

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