The lovely Gillian, who has been with us at Two Roads for the past five weeks as part of her UCL MA in Publishing, is leaving us today. Boo-hoo! She has been an absolute star and we will miss her. A lot.

Here she is, saying a proper goodbye:

Today is the last day of my five week internship at Two Roads. I have had a really amazing time here and will be very sad to leave – Fede and Lisa have been incredibly generous with their time and knowledge and I am forever grateful for the experience.

At Two Roads I have gotten a great overview of working in a large publishing house, from within a small and dynamic imprint. Working closely with Fede and Lisa has taught me to trust my own opinions, read as much as possible, take advantage of every opportunity (and stop apologising!).

During my MA at UCL I have been exposed to lots of different aspects of the publishing industry – marketing, sales, publicity, editorial and rights. We have had some fantastic speakers at UCL talking about their experiences over the years in publishing, but no one has stood out quite like Lisa and Fede. Since having Fede speak to us during our second week of classes, and then joining Lisa later in the year, our class has felt a particular connection to Two Roads. I know how lucky I am to have had the chance to learn from them both and am already jealous of next year’s intern – the Two Roads world is a wonderful place to be.

Thank you again Lisa and Fede!

No, thank you Gillian, and best of luck with your new job!

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