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let there be tinsel - there was cake, but we ate it ...

It’s our birthday today and so time for a little moment of reflection.  So, in the last twelve months we’ve published some great books, acquired more for this year, had some bestsellers and are on the way to establishing ourselves a little more each day.

I’ve also done a lot  of travelling.  Last summer, I thought it’d be a good idea to get out of the office and meet readers and booksellers and attend a few book groups.  Since last July I’ve notched up about 7000 miles, attended book groups across the country and spoken to hundreds of readers.  And fabulous it has been too.   All book groups are different yet united in their desire for a great story that challenges, entertains and, to a degree, educates.  It’s been lively, to say the least.  But most of all it’s been heart-warming and reassuring that, no matter how tough ‘the market’ seems, there are readers out there just waiting for great stories.


So, partly in tribute to the book groups, which are Two Roads core market, we made this birthday film, which celebrates some of the joy of books.  Do let us know what you think…



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