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Guest blogger: Natalie Taylor, author of Signs of Life

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Natalie Taylor, Signs of LifeToday, June 17, 2011, marks the four-year anniversary of my husband’s passing. Josh Taylor died suddenly when he was 27 years old and expecting his first child. To any of us who were close to him, he is never far from our every thought. But today is a distinctly different day. Anniversaries of any kind, good or bad, whether we like them or not, force us to think about how far we’ve come or how little ground we’ve made, how much time has passed or how slowly it has gone by, and at least for me, I always think about where we were before this day ever became an anniversary of a life lost, when June 17 was just another day. Now, however, June 17 carries a weight.

Every year I fear this time of year more than any other, and for some reason, I have a huge relief when it has passed. And every year I ask myself, what should I do on this day and on the days that surround it? What is an appropriate way to honor his memory and help myself through these long hours? In years past, I spend time with my family and friends. We prepare and eat a meal together. I spend time alone going through pictures. I spend time with Kai. All of these things seem to be the only thing I can do. But this year, for the first time, I’ve added one more thing to my list.

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