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“Mmmh I wonder if they sell espresso here”

One month. Thirty days.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to change your life in unexpected, quite dramatic ways. Right before Christmas I was standing in front of my desk in an office tower in the outskirts of Milan, looking at the space where I had worked for the past 16 months and that I had just finished cleaning out. It was my last day at Rizzoli before the holidays. My last day before moving to London for my new job as Editorial Assistant at Two Roads.

And now I am in a different, taller office tower, in the centre of a different, larger city, at the heart of a different, foreign country. The first few days at Two Roads have been positively crazy, filled with gargantuan tasks: how do you work a touch screen elevator without constantly ending up on the wrong floor? How can you suppress your craving for espressos and learn to like filter coffee? (this one’s easy: you simply can’t. I drink tea now) How do you pretend you know the name of that colleague you’ve been introduced to on your first day and is now in the lift with you? (smile, say “Hello” with a thick Italian accent, smile some more).

But despite all of this – new job, new colleagues, new life – I feel right at home, proud to be part of the Two Roads family and happy to be back in London, a city I first fell in love with while studying here two years ago. And after all there is one thing that hasn’t changed: I still get to read books, lots of them! They might be new submissions, or backlist titles I have to get acquainted with, or new books coming out in the next few months. It doesn’t really matter: I am most happy when sitting on the couch in my new flat, sipping espresso and reading. Just reading.

Of course it helps when the book is incredibly good. Take Eleven Days, the debut novel by Lea Carpenter we are publishing in June. It’s a fantastic story of mother and son, separated by distance and time but connected by a bond that is impossible to break. It’s a glorious first novel, written with grace and compassion, a book that has made me laugh, cry, think and has reminded me why I love working in publishing. You can find out more about Lea and her work here on the Two Roads website.


I think that will do as an introduction, but from now on I’ll be contributing regularly to the blog so look out for updates regarding life in the Two Roads office and the adventures of an Italian expat in London.

For daily news and pics follow me on twitter @Due_Strade (google-translate it and you’ll get it!).

Alla prossima…


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