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They only went and did it. Susan and Kevin are off to the bright lights Blackpool!

And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Mostly because we’re not sure the BBC is ready for what may be the end of the world as we know it when the forces for good of Susan plus Kevin and J.K. Rowling are united under one, glitter-stained roof. Watch this space.

Things are getting real now.

Really real.

So real that Susan and Kevin could be heading to Blackpool this time next week, joined by none other than J K Rowling.

This would be a collision of nearly all of our favourite things, and people, in one shiny sparkly episode of Strictly.

As exciting a prospect as that is, it’d be wrong to forget how far they have already come: from foxtrots to jives, from Viennese Waltzes to Wonder Woman costumes, Susan and Kevin have been an absolute delight, bringing cheer to increasingly gloomy winter evenings.

This week, they’ll be dancing the Tango to Katy Perry’s Firework (which, incidentally, is an absolute cracker of a song)

And, as ever, we’ll be giving away signed copies of Cheer Up, Love  (T&Cs at the bottom of this blog post!)

So if you’ve missed out thus far, do try again: we’ll keep giving them away, as long as you keep voting, to keep Susan dancing. It’s a win-win-win.

Click here for a preview of Calman’s hilariously, movingly honest wit and wisdom in Cheer Up, Love.

#TeamCalman #StrictlySusan

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The polls are in and it’s official: the world is a better place with Susan Calman in it.

Especially when it’s Susan Calman, on Strictly, showing us the true meaning of joy.

And it turns out joy is dancing to Queen, dressed as the Queen of Dragons, and cheering up a nation’s Saturday night.

Here are some of our highlights from the past week:

The politest fan:

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves, actually.

A surprise message: 

From one Queen to another.

And, of course, the main event: 

We’ll be safely installed on our sofas come Saturday night, ready for Susan and Kevin to show us their best jive.

#TeamCalman #StrictlySusan

p.s. this Monday next marks Susan’s birthday, so please join us in wishing her a day full of celebrations, and a lifetime full of dancing (literally and metaphorically speaking)


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For the last month, Saturday nights have meant one thing, and one thing only: Strictly Come Dancing. Specifically, Susan Calman on Strictly.

From the moment it was confirmed that the trained lawyer, stand-up comedienne and best-selling author would be adding ballroom dancer to her repertoire, Susan and her dance partner Kevin have captivated audiences. There have been Viennese waltzes and furious foxtrots, cancelled planes and more than a few tears (of joy and of pain).

Here are a few of Susan and Kevin’s best bits so far:

When Susan met Kevin
And Susan couldn’t have been more thrilled with her partner.

Mad About the Boy, week one 

If You Knew Susie, week two

Wonder Woman, week three*
*not all heroes wear capes, true, but Susan does

Bring Me Sunshine, week four

Each week we’ll be running a competition, offering you the chance to win a signed copy

of Susan Calman’s Cheer Up, Love.

Check our Twitter for the how, the why and the when.And check back here for weekly updates #TeamCalman #StrictlySusan

T&C below …

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