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Time for something slightly different: for our day 4 we visited London indie comic book Gosh! London.

Fede reports:


I didn’t really know I was a fan of graphic novels until I published The Arab of the Future by Riad Sattouf earlier this year (find out more here) and I was introduced to this incredible world. The brilliant people at Gosh! London were very supportive of Riad’s book, and I decided to repay the favour by paying them a visit and celebrate them as part of this year’s Independent Bookshop Week. After all they have a pretty impressive pedigree:

“With a 25-year track record in the industry and enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff, Gosh! Comics remains London’s must-visit store for those who love the medium. From translated European albums to mainstream superhero antics; vintage children’s books to contemporary graphic fiction; compulsively readable manga to cutting edge small press: we’ve got something for everyone.”

And it’s so true. The shop is divided over two floors: the lower ground space mostly holds the kind of comic the uninitiated would classify as ‘geeky’ (think superheroes and manga, including some real gems like a Japanese adaptation of the popular TV series Sherlock). The ground floor has got an incredible range of graphic novels and memoirs, ranging from the classics (Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis to name but two), to independently-printed anthologies.

Nora, one of the shop’s booksellers, was literally bubbling with excitement when I told her I wanted to buy a couple of books and needed her help. After a quick test to see what I like reading (‘quirky literary’ was the diagnosis) she suggested the following:

ASTERIOS POLYP by David Mazzucchelli, a tale of an architect fleeing New York after a fire destroys his apartment.

FOR AS LONG AS IT RAINS by Zviane, the story of two lovers and their last night together.

DEAD SINGERS SOCIETY (vol 1), an anthology edited by Paddy Johnston (who is actually one of our colleagues here at Hachette UK!)

The shop also runs a series of events (check their blog here: and is very active in the graphic community.

So next time you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten track, give Gosh! a go: you will be pleasantly surprised.’

Find out more about Independent Bookshop Week here. And get in touch with Pages of Hackney directly to buy/order a book and support independent retailers:

IBW2016 - Gosh


IBW2016 - Gosh


IBW2016 - Gosh

IBW2016 - Gosh

IBW2016 - Gosh





Another day, another bookshop.

This time Kate pops in her new local indie, Burley Fisher Books in Haggerston:


A few months ago, a little bookshop opened just over the road from where I live in Hackney. Hooray! Books on my doorstep! Over the last few months I’ve dipped into Burley Fisher frequently, but, alas, I’ve just moved and they’re no longer my local, so I thought I’d pick them as my IBW2016 in a slightly gloomy, farewell-to-Hackney-are-there-any-bookshops-in-Wandsworth sort of a way.

Nestled between a kebab shop and a corner shop (of course!), Burley Fisher is an eclectic, bespoke bookshop, with some fabulous and unique displays. They also have a lovely, quiet café with some great coffee on offer – the perfect place for perusing your purchases. Run by Jason Burley and Sam Fisher of Camden Lock Books, this is a bookshop with a great pedigree, but with a really fresh feel.

I came away with two entirely unrelated, entirely unplanned purchases – Edward Gorey’s THE DOUBTFUL GUEST, a darkly absurd illustrated book about a distinctly penguin-ish creature that moves in with an aristocratic family, and EVERY GRAIN OF RICE by Fuchsia Dunlop, a primer on Chinese (particularly Sichuan) cooking, simply because the illustrated/cookery table at Burley Fisher looked SO good.

Find out more about Independent Bookshop Week here. And get in touch with Pages of Hackney directly to buy/order a book and support independent retailers:

IBW2016 - Burley Fisher


IBW2016 - Burley Fisher


IBW2016 - Burley Fisher


IBW2016 - Burley Fisher


IBW2016 - Burley Fisher



Our Independent Bookshop Tour continues with a visit to Hackney indie bookshop Pages of Hackney.

Ruby, part of the Two Roads publicity team, went to explore the shop:



Pages of Hackney is sandwiched between Spice & Grill and a newsagent on Lower Clapton Road, a busy street in North East London. It’s my local, a ten min stroll from my house and a great place for a bookstore; there are two lovely parks within walking distance or if you like beer with your books, the Windsor Castle, a good pub just across the road. I have spent many a day in all.

I popped in on a Saturday, and Manon recommended three books to me. It was a nice surprise to meet Manon, a fellow Antipodean also from Auckland. She used to work at Time Out Bookstore, which is a fantastic independent bookstore sitting under the shadow of a mountain in Mt Eden Village. So while we bonded over people we knew, and our experiences of living in London, I squeezed in a request for recommendations of books to buy. And I came away with some good ones:

THE GIRLS by Emma Cline – a book very recently published, and described by the Telegraph as a ‘trance-like portrait of the Manson family’. I am resisting reading this right now so I can save it for my holiday next month.

THE ARGONAUTS by Maggie Nelson – a genre-bending memoir, Nelson tells a love story and channels public intellectuals such as Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes.

10: 04 by Ben Lerner – the second novel by this author and recommended to me for its fractured narrative.

The shop has an intimate event space downstairs which also sells vinyl and second hand books and truly felt like someone’s living room (see pic of comfy couches). Their larger events are held down the road at Sutton House and it’s clear when you check out their events schedule that they have incredibly thoughtful programming (find out more here: There are many events which include local authors on topical themes as well as talks which showcase new releases.
By the time I left with a laden bag, Pages of Hackney was brimming with people of Hackney (and beyond) and I was squeezing between books and bodies to get out.

Find out more about Independent Bookshop Week here. And get in touch with Pages of Hackney directly to buy/order a book and support independent retailers:

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney

IBW2016 - Pages of Hackney



Bringing you festive, bookish cheer from our authors and the Two Roads team!

DAY 3 – Feat. Sally Magnusson, author of Two Roads bestseller Where Memories Go (find out more at

Two Roads 12 Days of Christmas Day 3I only want comfy books at Christmas, so I’ve just taken delivery of these two in the consoling certainty that I’ll be able to slip into their worlds and entirely disappear.

Robert Harris is the king of historical novelists and I’ve been waiting for Dictator, the third in his Cicero trilogy, for ages.

Christmas also requires at least one new crime book. Under the Robert Galbraith pseudonym J.K. Rowling has brought such a light touch, dark plotting and clever characterisation to her Cormoran Strike novels that I have high hopes for this third one, Career of Evil.

Off to put on the slippers and fill my glass. Cheers!

Independent Booksellers Week might be over but doesn’t mean you can’t support your local indie when shopping for your summer reading books.

And of course, Two Roads is here to make finding that independent bookshop super easy. We’ve put together a map of all the bookshops we’ve visited as part of our IBW Indie Tour (2014 and 2015 editions), complete with London locations, pictures and links.

All you have to do is click on the map below.

For a more comprehensive list of independents try this.

IBW Two Roads Indies Map

It's pub dayThe time has finally come: today Two Roads publishes Life, Love and The Archers, the first ever collection of prose by beloved poet Wendy Cope.

Wendy Cope has long been one of the nation’s best-loved poets, with her sharp eye for human foibles and wry sense of humour. For the first time, Life, Love and the Archers brings together the best of her prose – recollections, reviews and essays from the light-hearted to the serious, taken from a lifetime of published and unpublished work, and all with Cope’s lightness of touch.

A book for anyone who’s ever fallen in love, tried to give up smoking, or consoled themselves that they’ll never be quite as old as Mick Jagger.

Publicity for the book has kicked off with an interview on Radio 4 Front Row (which you can find here, from 12:35, and a pick as Non-Fiction Book of the Month in Good Housekeeping, which called Wendy’s writing ‘always witty and insightful’.

Wendy has also recorded the audio edition of the book (we posted a picture from the recording session a little while ago: click here) and we have an exclusive extract here:


Love and Treasure and coffeeThis week Love and Treasure, the terrific new novel by Ayelet Waldman, is the Waterstones Book Club choice. Which means you can head over to the Waterstones blog and read the first chapter (just click here) or find out where Ayelet found the inspiration for her book in this exclusive feature (click here).


Find out more below or visit the book page on our website here.



A fugitive train loaded with the plunder of a doomed people. A dazzling jewelled pendant in the form of a stylized peacock. And three men – an American infantry captain in World War II, an Israeli-born dealer in art stolen by the Nazis, and a pioneering psychiatrist in fin-de-siecle Budapest – who find their carefully-wrought lives turned upside-down by three fierce women, each locked in a struggle against her own history and the history of our times. And at the centre of Love and Treasure, nested like a photograph hidden in a locket, a mystery: where does the worth of a people and its treasures truly lie? What is the value of a gift, when giver and recipient have been lost – of a love offering when the beloved is no more?

In an intricately constructed narrative that is by turns funny and tragic, thrilling and harrowing, with all the expertise and narrative drive that readers have come to expect from her work, Waldman traces the unlikely journey, from 1914 Budapest to post-war Salzburg to present-day New York, of the peacock pendant whose significance changes – token of friendship, love-offering, unlucky talisman – with the changes of fortune undergone by her characters as they find themselves caught up in the BookClub_roundel_blueebb and flow of modern European history.

Spanning continents and a hundred years of turbulent history, encompassing war and revolution, the history of art, feminism and psychoanalysis, depicting the range of human feeling from the darkness of a shattered Europe to the ordinary heartbreaks of a contemporary New York woman, Love and Treasure marks the full maturity of a remarkable writer.


Last weekend our travelling editor Lisa went on a little trip to a beautiful part of the world: Iceland. She was there with Two Roads author Sally Magnusson to attend the annual Meeting of the Magnusson Fellows at the Hannesarholt Cultural Center in Reykjavik. The fellowship, run by the Glasgow Caledonian University, has been created in honour of the late Chancellor of the University, television presenter, journalist, writer, historian and professional Icelander Magnus Magnusson, Sally’s father.

But there was another reason for the trip: on Tuesday 30th September Sally was at the official launch of the Icelandic translation of her bestselling book, Where Memories Go (find out more here). And what a success it was: not only did many of Iceland’s most prominent public figures attend the event, but the book itself made it onto the bestsellers chart after just one day in the shops. Hurrah!

And now for a few pictures from the trip…

Dr Vigdís Finnbogadóttir the (first woman) President of Iceland from 1980 to 1996

Ragnheiður Jóna Jónsdóttir, who started the Hannesarholt Cultural Centre – Sally was their first international guest

Sally signing copies of her book

Inside Reykjavik’s iconic concert hall and conference centre, Harpa


























Sally and her intrepid editor Lisa


































Over the past three days Wendy Cope has been hard at work in a lovely recording studio in Northern London reading her book Life, Love and the Archers for the audio book edition.

We have been working on this book, published on November 6th, for the past ten months and we thought we knew it inside-out. Turns out all we had to do was listen to Wendy for five minutes to fall in love with her book all over again…

Head to the Life, Love and the Archers page to find out more: just click here.

Wendy Cope audio recording













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Piles of books waiting to be signed

Nothing better than an author visit on a Friday morning! Armed with pens and Honey & Co. cake, the always delightful Kirsty Wark came in the office today to sign copies of the paperback edition of THE LEGACY OF ELIZABETH PRINGLE, her debut novel.

Look out for the book, published on 9th October, and stay tuned for more news: who knows, we might even give away a few signed copies very soon…

For more information on Kirsty and her writing, visit our book page here.


The Two Roads team and Kirsty, acting all shy (as if!)

We know it’s you, Kirsty!

Happy author with beautiful book
















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