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Atkinson-Price, travelling editor, Water for Elephants, Sue and Chris

Sue & Chris, mavens of Atkinson-Pryce

Every time I go to Scotland I love it more. The weather was gorgeous and everything looked like a calendar of Beautiful Scotland. Dramatic lighting, artfully placed animals on perfect rolling hillsides, fluffy clouds occasionally emptying on head, villages like a film set, liveable cities and lots of spectacular coastline.

Atkinson-Pryce, Travelling Editor, Water for Elephants

Street frontage: Atkinson-Pryce Books, High Street Biggar

I was chugging through all of this, dreaming of real-estate, on the local bus from Edinburgh to Biggar (on the Scottish Borders) driven by local legend Nancy. Destination: book group night at the Atkinson-Pryce Bookshop.

In another perfect location, Biggar is the local hub and the bookshop much loved by locals. It’s a beautiful shop, lovingly stocked and inviting. Like the best bookshops, you want to stay a while and make discoveries. Sue and Chris, manager and owner, made me feel very welcome, and then sent me up a ladder to hang bunting as part of the themed evening for Water for Elephants.

Atkinson-Pryce, Travelling Editor, Water for Elephants, bunting

always happy to lend a hand, though my bunting-hanging skills a bit rubbish

Two book groups came together and, as ever, it was a stimulating and fun time. Some interesting questions and discussion about the book and publishing in general.

Atkinson-Pryce, Travelling Editor, Water for Elephants

warm & cosy - just as a bookshop should be

Champagne and enthusiasm were the order of the evening. Thanks to all who organised and attended (and for those who came a long way) I had a great time.

ps Thanks too to Danielle and Robert to coming up to the Edinburgh Festival from Biggar the next night to hear John Vaillant talk about The Tiger. Great you could make it.

Atkinson-Pryce Bookshop, travelling editor, Water for Elephants

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