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Guest blogger: Lucy Foster, Editorial Assistant, Sceptre

‘The appeal of reading, she thought, lay in its indifference: there was something lofty about literature. Books did not care who was reading them or whether one read them or not. All readers were equal, herself included.’

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a royal flush

We all love Alan Bennett. But first things first – Will and Kate are tying the knot this month so the April Two Roads Book Club was a patriotic feast of HRH bunting, regal tea towels, commemorative paraphernalia, strawberries and cream, Victoria sponge, and pictures of all of our favourite royals and their gigantic engagement rings.

We opened the discussion with thoughts of different ways in which to mark The Big Day (Cornish street parties, camping on Clapham Common, running for the hills, TV watching) and then we moved onto the book. For anyone who doesn’t know The Uncommon Reader, the first thing to mention is that it is gloriously, audaciously short – a brevity that perhaps only King Alan could get away with at £7.99. The second thing to mention, also audacious, also only excusable if carried out by a national treasure, is that it is written almost entirely from the point of view of the Queen, and in many of her own words. ‘Is one allowed to borrow a book? One is a pensioner…’.

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