I’m often (well, occasionally) asked which Australian authors I would recommend.


Nothing more annoying than a list of ten books, so here are twelve Australian books I love. I am hugely grateful that much of my formative reading was done in Australia, which bolted onto a narrative British base  pretty much perfectly.  Obviously I love more than twelve, but this is a start.  I could have done fifty but this is a blog…not a pulpit.


So, in no particular order … get your minds outside these…

1.  The Fortunes of Richard Mahony trilogy  Henry Handel Richardson

2. The Tree of Man Patrick White

3. Oscar and Lucinda Peter Carey

4. The Man Who Loved Children Christina Stead

5. Careful He Might Hear You Sumner Locke Elliot

6. Come in Spinner Dymphna Cusack – cannot find this in print – anyone know where I can get this?

7. The Monkey’s Mask Dorothy Porter

8. The Idea of Perfection Kate Grenville

9. Dancing on Coral Glenda Adams

10. The Sound of One Hand Clapping Richard Flanagan

11.  The Transit of Venus Shirley Hazzard

12.  Cloudstreet Tim Winton (what? you thought I’d leave it off?) + TV series

Australian literature (past and present)  is poorly available in the UK, so many of these will be unknown, even though they’re a bit ‘greatest hits’.  None the worse for that of course.  Embrace Australia’s storytelling culture…

And finally – a taster of  some contemporary writers I recommend hugely:  James Bradley, Charlotte Wood, Carrie Tiffany, Garth Nix, Joan London, Gillian Rubinstein … do try and see where they take you…one connection leads to another.



Oh, and by the way…

Text Publishing Australia is relaunching some Australian classics – more info here.



2 responses to “Australian Reading – my starter for 12”

  1. Angie says:

    I was scrolling down and wondered whether Tim Winton was going to feature. He is completely brilliant. Also MUST mention The Book Thief, unique and absorbing, plus a darn good fella too.

    • Lisa says:

      Oh yes indeed to The Book Thief. I was prompted by Text’s new classic series so a lot of the list favours older books. Haven’t even really touched on more contemporary writers. Must do more lists (but not call them Second X1!)

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